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Italian Wars 6mm Village

Page history last edited by Guy Farrish 4 years ago



I recently found some 6mm Gendarmes in my attic from a long time ago and I decided to pursue the Italian Wars in 6mm  as a (probably solo) indulgence.

While building on the basis of the 6mm Gendarmes I wanted to keep my interest going so I built myself a small Italian village.



The buildings walls are made from Slaters Plastikard coursed stone. The roofs are plain plastikard covered in Milliput and roughly sculpted with a curved shaper. They are black undercoated and then highlighted with increasingly paler tones from dark sand to bone with  individual stones picked out in dark sand and a mix of horse chestnut and red well diluted.

The paving is uncoursed Plastikard.

The paving is then painted dark brown and highlighted again as before




The paving is then 'grubbied' with a brown wash (above)


Then the whole assembled and flock added for weeds with a little removable fountain for refreshment.







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