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Page history last edited by Guy Farrish 14 years, 2 months ago

I am quite happy to play a game on a bare board. Without figures if necessary.

One of the most memorable games I enjoyed was a skirmish game between some British Riflemen and some French Voltiguers on the day before Waterloo. My friends still talk about the French General hiding in the barn and the French trying to bayonet a rifleman up in a tree in the orchard of the farm. Except the barn was a cardboard box the figures had been in and we had no trees simply scrunched up bits of paper. If the game is good your mind creates the best scenery. Radio has the best pictures after all.

However the modeller in me likes to escape sometimes and I like making things to go with the games I do use figures in.

So I thought I might share a few of the ideas and pictures here.


SMOKE - a simple run through how to turn hamster (RIP I'm afraid) bedding into smoke.


ITALIAN WARS BUILDINGS 28mm - A pair of scratchbuilt buildings  - farmhouse and romanesque church. 



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