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Page history last edited by Guy Farrish 12 years, 10 months ago

I have been toying with the idea for a campaign based on some form of the Sealion plan for Germany to invade Britain in 1940 for - oh about 30 years or so.

I finally decided that if I didn't just start it now I may very well never manage it before I croak so - here goes.

It may well end being a post-modern approach because I haven't started with the cross Channel bit or landings before gaming some land action.


Well I'm pretty sure that even with the RAF pushed north and west the RN would have given any attempt to land pretty short shrift. SO lets gloss over that. Second, I can't be bothered at the moment with a playing a 'pig pile' landing. Third I just felt like plunging in because otherwise I'd never have started.

I had more or less decided to do most of this either as a PBEM free Kriegsspiel (and I may do just that for a  bigger run through) or an operational scale affair using Megablitz - which is great for that level of game.


But I wanted to do some of the small scale bits and peices of a landing that would be lost in a Megablitz scale representation - so BKCII it was for a Fallschirmjager seizure of Winterford the exit route from one of the beach areas and the link up by whatever had turned up on the beach.







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